Our Philosophy

Helping you find the most viable use for your space while creating a sense of place.

Some would call us adaptive reuse professionals while others might say we're urban planning consultants.  We prefer to call ourselves Place Performance Specialists  because adaptive reuse is more than just fixing up an old building.  It requires research and planning to ensure its sustainability within a neighborhood or community.  We help you determine the best use of your space based on personal experience, neighborhood analysis and future trends.



Bringing new faces to old places is our main focus.

People make projects sustainable. We take the time to truly understand your community's quality-of-life values by using an in-depth analysis of your area.  Real estate studies, neighborhood focus groups, city planning authorities, business representatives and feasibility studies. They all provide pieces to the puzzle, helping us to determine which redevelopment option is the most viable.



Old places give a community history and identity, and keep it from becoming "anyplace."

When you start turning someplace into anyplace, the path will lead you to no place. Our extensive experience in adaptive reuse has shown us the intrinsic value of old buildings in creating a sense of place. People value the character, simplicity and integrity that give historic buildings their charm.


Our Mission

Creating sustainable redevelopment and building solutions that foster neighborhood revitalization.